Our Message


Everything that is printed here is art made by Hunter. It is through his many different drawings, sketches, graffiti, and photos that we can keep his memory alive. The money made from the sale of products is all put back into the company to help provide for skaters/snowboarders. It would be wrong to do anything else but give this money back and provide to the young people who enjoy the sports that Hunter loved so dearly. We thank you for visiting the site and showing your support for Hunter.


The Quote


"I love the snow, I love everything about it. I love all the activities you can do with it. And I love it's color, the way it sits on the branches of trees, everything. But above all, there is nothing better than snowboarding. Waking up early just to cruise on some fresh beautiful powder. Leaning back on your back foot, nose in the air. Brushing the snow aside with such ease, like a snow plow clearing the roads for school. Just you and the mountain. Peace, calm, collected." -Joseph Hunter Green




2010/2011 Shirt & Hat Lookbook

2012 GREEN 561 & Blue Skies Lookbook (Coming Soon)

Our History

Company was started in memory of Joseph Hunter Green, who passed away in January 2010. In our first year, we released the Back Logo #1 shirt and followed it up with our summer release (Balloon Away, The Duck, and Red 'D').
We started off the year by starting the WEAR GREEN campaign. At the end of Q1, we received our first skateboards. The Tagged deck in green. In the summer, we released the Cursive DERF hat collection (Trucker, Flat Brim Fitted, Beanie). We started #FreeStickerFriday late that summer.
We continued the WEAR GREEN campaign in January. Later in the year, we released the GREEN 561 Hoodies and TShirts. We also released our first photo tshirt by Hunter. It was a Taos picture titled 'Blue Skies'
WEAR GREEN campaign in January and started to work on some new ideas/vision for the company.
More WEAR GREEN campaign in January and looking to start a new venture with the Joseph Hunter Green Scholarship. We are also looking to add a stockist up in the northeast along with some possibilities across the Atlantic Ocean. MORE BRAINSTORMING!!